Grate the back, especially the lumbar region, and warming cream. In the absence of such drugs as to apply rubbing alcohol or alcohol-containing medium. Rubbed the loin, wrap it with some warm material – wool scarf or shawl. In the following days again don't forget to carry out this procedure, continuing until the disappearance of the painful symptoms.
When leaving the house dress for the weather. The lower back should always be warm.
If your body has a tendency to such diseases, try to keep track of such situations and to take additional measures. Don't run from the hot areas to the cold, don't stand near the air conditioners in the off-season time wear a warming belt of sheep or dog hair. Such belts are quite thin, not visible under clothing. But their use will prevent lower back pain.
Remember folk medicine. Take a cabbage leaf, put 1 teaspoon of honey, salt, dry mustard powder, grated horseradish, sunflower or olive oil. Attach (bandage) sheet with the slurry towards the back. Leave the bandage on overnight. Horseradish and mustard are warming up properties, the salt draws out all the toxins and unnecessary substances, oil and honey nourish the skin.
Visit the pool. Warm water and gentle movements help relax the body and muscles, including the lumbar.
Don't sleep on a soft feather-bed. For sleeping, choose a hard surface.
Massage the back. But it is worth noting that with strong and aching pain massage is contraindicated. If the lower back hurts slightly and the character of the pain is not sharp then perhaps the lumbar muscle spasmatic and a light massage will help them to return to their former state.
When back pain please note the following exercise that helps to unload the lumbar spine. Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees. Feet should be flat on the floor. Tilt your knees left and right without lifting from the floor the lower back. Repeat times 10 – 15.
In severe pain and discomfort seem to the doctor. Don't delay your visit, waiting for deterioration and possible complications.