Find out about the availability of vacancies in the relevant Prosecutor's office, as a rule, vacancies are rare. Can contact the human resources Department where you will be given all the information and suggest how best to collect the necessary documents. If there is no space, you will be asked to apply for inclusion in the personnel reserve.
Ask the Dean if you give a direction to undergo trial and production practices during the study. Try to get a job as a public assistant attorney while still a student. In the latter case, you can provide positive characteristics and at the end of the school to invite to the service.
Prepare a list of documents. It includes copies of the passport pages with personal data, family status, military obligations, having children and place of residence. In addition, you will need to make two photographs of size 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm and 4 cm by 6 cm, made on a thin matte paper in color, without area. Take a certificate of no criminal record for you and your relatives, and also confirmation from psychoneurological and narcological clinics the absence of registration, a certificate of your health condition under the form 086, certificate from local police station, the characterization of the residence, which is produced in the dispensation. In addition, you can talk to your neighbors and teachers of the University in which you studied. You need to submit a diploma confirming the completion of higher legal education.
You must provide a certificate of absence of data in egrip on the acquisition of the status of an individual entrepreneur, income certificate, about property and obligations of property character, approved. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from may, 18th, 2009 n 559; the inquiry on incomes, about property and obligations of property character of the spouse (spouse), approved. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from may, 18th, 2009 n 559.
Take the direction in the personnel Department specifically for passing the test. This procedure is required, the results of the interviews and undergo psychological dough and exercise, the specialist will make a determination of your fitness for the specific position. The study lasts about 8 hours. Consists of two blocks of tasks, then summarizes.
Go to a personal appointment with the Prosecutor and take the initiative, ask about the possibility to work as a social assistant. In this case, you will even payroll.
You can collect the necessary documents to pass the test and to contact the human resources Department of Prosecutor's office, where you will draw in a personnel reserve, which will issue a certificate. In a separate journal will need to be signed, which will assure a seal. If the decision about your candidacy for this specific position is positive, you will be notified in writing and invited for an interview.