Successful treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint depends on the stage at which the disease is. Timely treatment to the doctor will allow you to choose conservative therapy in the form of medication, physical therapy and physical therapy – these treatments will help to cure the ankle joint. In this case it is necessary first of all to unload by reducing the duration of the walk and get rid of excess weight. Then the patient is prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics, relieving pain and inflammation in the joint.
In addition, in this disease, doctors recommend to drink chondro - specific drugs that restore the cartilage of the joint and prevent its destruction. If necessary, the diseased joint can enter corticosteroid hormones, complementing their action biostimulants, which improves blood circulation. Well-established and balneotherapy in radon and hydrogen sulfide baths and mud baths. It gives long-term remission, which often allows patients to refuse medication.
The main objectives of the treatment stretching of the ankle joint are the elimination of edema and pain as well as restore his motor functions. You first need to immobilize the damaged joint and an x-ray to rule out possible fracture. Then on the area stretching apply ice, which will stop the development of swelling and bruising – keep cold for the first day, followed by a treatment with warm. With strong pain can inject "Ketanov", "Renalgan" or "cold sores".
The damaged joint should be lubricated with one pharmacy pharmaceutical ointments that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. These include ointment "Finalgon", "Nikofleks", "Fastum-gel" and "Diklak-gel", which improve blood circulation in the ankle, resolves hematoma, and the inflammatory foci, and also soothes soreness. To RUB such ointment in the stretched ankle to a thin layer, flowing massage movements.