You will need
  • - elastic bandage;
  • clips for bandage.
It is best to bandage legs in the morning, before getting out of bed when they are swollen. If there is a need to impose elastic bandage in the middle of the day, first take a horizontal position. Put your feet up on a small pillow and lie down for 20-30 minutes. Swelling of the legs should be slightly reduced. Now you can start bandaging. To bandage the leg hard enough, it will be easier if someone will help you.
Take an elastic bandage. The length should be at least 1.5-2 meters (if you bandage a limb to the thigh) and the width not less than 5-7 centimeters. Slightly bend the knee and lift it forming an angle of 20-30 degrees above the surface. The ankle should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Start to apply bandages need at the tips of the toes. The first round should cover the base of all the toes. The next stage is superimposed parallel to the first, overlapping the previous one bandage at least 2/3 or half. The second revolution is firmly secured by the end of the bandage. Then another three turns gently close the heel, and bandage ankle.
At lower leg bandage wound in a spiral from the bottom up. Each new round elastic bandage should overlap the previous one by 2/3 of its width. When applying the bandage stretch it a little to make people feel a little pressure. Stretch bandage required to approximately 1/3 of its original length. It is important to try to achieve a sense of uniform compression. We cannot allow one part of the legs were tightened, and the other bint would have fallen. The foot should be comfortable.
The knee joint bandage must be wound also in a spiral (similar like on the Shin). The knee should be in a physiological position that is slightly bent (about 25-30 degrees). Usually bandage the leg to mid-thigh (15-20 inches above the knee), the end of the bandage is fixed with special clamps, which are sold in kit. It is desirable to use a single long elastic bandage, it is not necessary to bandage the leg two or three short bandages.
It is very important not to remove the bandages all day while you are upright. To razbitosti leg the evening before bedtime. After use the bandage, you must wash powder in warm water and air dry (not on battery). Now there is a wonderful compression garment, which is a very good alternative to the elastic bandage. It should also be put on in the morning.