Turn on the TV on channel 1. If the device is a DVD player, recorder or video recorder, insert a disc or video casette.
Press and hold the button on the remote Code Search until red indicator light is on. Release the button.
Press and release the desired mode button on the remote control for the device you wish to control (TV, DVD or cable TV). The red indicator blinks, then stays on.
Locate your TV manufacturer or device you want to manage, the list of device codes supplied with the remote control. Enter the code on the keypad panel. The red indicator turns off if the code is correct. The red led flashes if the code is invalid.
Press Channel Up on the remote. If the device responds, programming is not required. Press Play to check the console when you configure the DVD player or VCR.
Enable auto-search for codes if the device does not respond after manual input. To do this, press and hold the Code Search button on the remote control until the red indicator stays on, then release the button.
Press and quickly release the desired mode button (TV, DVD, cable TV). The red indicator light flashes once.
Press Channel Up repeatedly until the device no longer reacts. Red indicator flashes with each press of the button. Press Channel Down to go back if you accidentally missed the code. Use the Play button for DVD or other devices that do not have channels.
Press and release Mute to install the code.