In that case, if you still have the broken remote, then his body need to find a label that says the model name. You can find the markings: on the front side, on the back cover, under cover batareinaja compartment. There are times when the markings on the remote may not be. Then you need to know the model of TV. When you're going to buy a new console, be sure to take broken – it will greatly save your time and finances.
If you do not have a remote, then you need to find a guide to TV. Usually it must be written with comprehensive information about the model of remote.
If you don't have the remote, manual and TV is not written model, then try to ask friends or neighbors TV remote to test them on your device. Some remotes use the same chip and the team, so they are interchangeable. If that doesn't work, then you need to purchase a universal remote Mak brand Maxim. The advantage of this remote is that it has the most complete list of replacement equipment. Also you can take your TV in any specialized shop and already there to pick him remote.