In order to unite all devices under one universal control remote Philips TV, connect it to the computer via USB. When you purchase the kit had to issue a software disk that stores the database of IR codes (more than 300 thousand items).
Start the drive and wait for Wizard settings. In this window will be described in detail each step of setting a universal remote Philips for TV and other devices.
After the computer will load and open a list of devices that you can configure the remote control to select an item and click "Next". All settings will be automatically uploaded to your remote control from Philips. The main thing – do not disconnect the USB cable before the end of this process.
In that case, if you are unable to find the model you want TV in the code list, do not worry. On the official website of the Philips company be the regular updating of information. So just connect the Internet and insert the code on your remote control.
In addition, each model of remote control from Philips has many other useful features. Take the manual and read about the capabilities of your camera. Then make the manual setting of remote control in accordance with the requirements. More about this can be read in the enclosed instructions and on the official website of the company Philips.
Thus, in a short time to replace the many remotes scattered around the apartment, comes one universal remote control that will not only work with all types of home appliances, but will also offer its owner other tangible benefits.