The so-called learning remote buy only if you have the original. Click on the button to start learning (its name depends on the type of device).
Select one of the multiple devices you want to manage, and then, pointing the remote's at each other, repeatedly press the button on Hobujaama and original remoteE. In some devices, it is required to first press a button on Hobujaama panele, and then the corresponding key on the original, and in others Vice versa.
Following the training, press the key is used to exit this mode. Do not throw away the original remote after replacing batteries in Hobujaama you will need it again.
If the remote is programmable, you need to first find the manuals digital codes corresponding to manufacturers of existing equipment, and Nazarite them on the inside of the battery cover.
Keep the manual in case you change one of the devices, original remotes - also, in case of programmable breaks. Press the "PROG" button and at the same time click the type of device (there are six). Indicator led (visible color) will light.
Now enter a numeric code, and the led will turn off. In the same way, program other devices.
To take advantage of both trainees and programmable remoteohms, select the device you want to manage, and the unit switches to the mode command for this device. Then use the universal remoteom the same as usual.
When hovering universal remoteand pull out the battery lock to the moment the contacts of the compartment (but in any case not the battery) then removing the jumper will set the elements in place with the correct polarity.
Then repeat the training or programming. In the case of the discharge elements will do the same, but with new batteries.