You will need
  • - universal remote;
  • - instruction.
Remove the cover of the battery compartment, observing polarity, insert the batteries into the remote control. Usually they require two, they must belong to the AAA type. Then plug that equipment for which you want to set up the universal remote.
Open the user manual for the universal remote, look at the situation about the technology which manufacturers it great. For English version it will be part of the Brand. Each company has its own code, mark those combinations that you need. Decide how you will configure the remote control using automatic code searching, or manually.
To configure the universal remote manually turn on the device on which you want to program it. Simultaneously press the SET button and the button that corresponds to the desired technology – TV, DVD, AUX and so on. After the panel of buttons on the remote control led will light, locate the appropriate three-digit brand code enter the numbers in order. If the setting is ended, the sequence of actions was observed in accuracy, the indicator will go out.
Perform automatic configuration of a remote control. First turn on the device – stereo, microwave and so on. The TV should work with any TV, DVD player and music centre you need to insert the disc. Point the universal remote at the desired unit by pressing the SET button, hold it for some time. Simultaneously press the wrong button, under which is listed the device. Once the light is illuminated POWER button – setup completed panel.