You will need
  • remote/key FOB;
  • car.
Run the firmware of the console in the car, to do this turn the ignition on, then press the lock button on the remote for four seconds. Then turn off for 4 seconds the ignition. Repeat these steps twice more. Turn on the car ignition. Click the button on the remote for 4 seconds. Make sure that worked the electric door lock. Repeat this action three times. So you can register the remote in the car. You can make up to three remote controls.
Use the following method to program a remote control car. Please note that the memory of the remote control system can store the codes of the three trinkets. If you buried the fourth, the first will be erased automatically. Do not exceed the permitted pause between steps. Before flashing keychain, make sure that all doors, the tailgate and hood are closed.
Turn on the ignition, turn the key in the ON position, and then, no more than four seconds, press the lock button while aim the remote at the receiver, which is located near the main window switch. Turn the ignition off within 1 to 4 seconds. Then again do the above steps. Between switching-on push buttons and turn off ignition must not occur more than four seconds, otherwise you will not be able to perform programming of the remote.
Turn on the ignition, press the lock button, when you do this, point the remote at the receiver unit near Windows. Make sure that you heard the sound characteristic of the mechanism of locks. Click again the lock button. Then you have ten seconds to program the remotes codes which you want to add.
To do this, click on their button open/close. At this point should sound the operation sound of the lock mechanism. Turn off the ignition, remove the key. Make sure that all the units are working correctly.