You will need
  • - suitable battery power supply;
  • - user's manual.
Select модель1 managed device and read the manual. On the last page of the manual lists the codes for various manufacturers of controlled equipment: musical centre, TV, etc. Find the codes (usually three) for the device.
Manipulitive insert two AAA batteries in the Alkaline battery compartment of the remote control with the correct polarity. Press POWER to test the functionality of the remote. If everything is in order, the indicator keys will flash.
Enter the code you found on the remote, if the device is in the list. Click on the remote button SET and TV (or DVD depending on device class). Enter the code again after the indicator lights on the POWER button. If the device does not work, repeat steps with another code which is suitable for this device.
If the device is not in the code list, or the remote does not control the device, complete the automatic search code. Enable a managed device (e.g., TV) to run one of the programs. On the remote control simultaneously press the SET and TV.
Hold for about five seconds until the indicator POWER button will not start intermittently flashing. Point the remote at the device. If the device reacts, press any key except the key SET. If you are unable to react in time to turn off the device repeat the automatic search.
Run a manual search, if your remote control does not control the device. Enable a managed device and quickly simultaneously press the TV and SET for a short time (1-3 seconds). After the led lights the POWER button briefly press the POWER key about every second until the managed device will not respond to the remote. Press TV is either SET to terminate the search.