The easiest solution is to charge phone from your computer, but this is only possible if you have the USB cable and turned on the computer. Charging will be slower than usual, but the phone can charge to full capacity.
Use a universal charger, popularly called "frog". Remove the battery the battery and connect it to the appropriate places on the "frog." The most important thing – not to confuse contacts: positive to positive and negative to negative. Then plug the charger into a power outlet and follow the indicators. Of course, the "frog" is not always at hand, but it will save you from having to find the charger from your model phone.
If you have a charger, but it is not suitable for your phoneand you can solve the problem in the following way. Cut with a knife or sharp scissors the wrong part of the charger and cut the insulation along the cord. Then strip them from the isolation of 1-2 cm, Remove the phoneand the battery connect the blue (black) Postings to the contact with " + " sign and the red (brown) to the terminal with the sign "-". Plug the charger into a power outlet.
If you find yourself in a place where there is no electricity, for example, in the forest, you can use flashlight-expander, not charging from the batteries and from the generator. This device is like to use tourists. You will need this flashlight and a piece of wire from the charger with a suitable connector. Disassemble the flashlight, clean wiring cord insulation and attach them to the generator of a flashlight, observing polarity. Rotating the handle of mini generator, you may be able to charge the phone.
Thus, if you have at least some forethought, you can easily find a way out of a difficult situation. But observe safety precautions and do not attempt to charge the phone using wires from the outlet directly. Otherwise without buying a new battery will not do.