You will need
  • PC, USB cable, phone
Purchase a special cable to charge the phone via USB. To buy it you can practically every store selling cell phones and accessories.
This little device will allow you to charge your phone from a regular USB port. Nowadays, this technology is in all the computerAh, laptops, car stereos, DVD players and other devices.
The size of this cable allows it to operate even as a keychain. There are a couple of types of such charges. They are all similar in functionality and differ only by case.
To charge the phone, insert one cable connector into the phone and the other end into a USB input. At the end of charging, disconnect the first USB input, and then the phone.
Features high quality charging cable:
Plastic/ aluminium housing
Cable length: 15cm
Type of connection: 2.5 mm
In General we can say that charging the phone from the computerand is carried out in simple ways.