If you have a faulty charger. In this case, you can charge the phone via USB cable to computer, some models support this function. If not, you can help car charger that works from cigarette lighter. If it is not on hand, or don't have a car – you can use the universal charger of the type "frog". It will help even if your phone has a broken charging Jack. In order to use it, you need to pull out battery of mobile phone and according to the instructions, set it to "frog".
If the charge were in the way, and you are waiting for a call. In this case, you can resort to the extreme method, and try to charge the battery of the phone with usual batteries. For this you will need 4 AA batteries, or one voltage at least 5 Volts. The easiest way to consistently connect the battery, pull the battery from the phone and using two wires, connect the "plus" and "minus" of the battery, respectively, with "plus" and "minus" of the battery. A more sophisticated way: in a chain to "plus" batteries add a resistor of 2 ohms. And instead of plain wire, use the plug from the charging of your mobile phone. In this case, an improvised charge is inserted directly into the socket of the mobile phone.
If the phone you need to literally animate for a single call, in this case, you can help one experimental method. According to some, it works on certain models of Nokia and Sony Ericcson. Slightly increase the working time of the batteryand, by dialing #3370# or *4720# on your mobile phone.