Probably the fastest way to charge the phone is to use a universal charger. Insert the battery in the "frog", observing proper battery polarity. After that red light would be flashing, indicating that you did the right thing. If the display does not work, check correct position of the battery or connect to power the device and wait a few minutes, then unplug it from the wall and insert the battery again. The led should work.
Reconnect the "frog" to the power supply and leave for a couple of hours. All this time about the process of charging the phone battery will indicate a flashing green indicator. Once it stops flashing, the battery is fully charged. However, remember that frogs don't have a controller that is equipped with all modern phones. This means that the abuse of this way of charging will inevitably lead to a decrease in battery capacity.
If there is a computer or any other device with USB output, can charge the phone using the USB cord that must be connected to the USB connector and the phone. This kind of charging several times faster than the usual network.
Is that no auxiliary means is not at hand. Try removing the battery and tap it or shake it. Just do not need to exert much effort in order to avoid damage to the battery. You can then switch on the phone. Of course, this charge you will not last long, but to make one important phone call or write a message.
Warm the battery in hand, all the time rubbing it. If you shuffle the battery of the phone on your jeans or tights, you will create static electricity which will allow to charge the battery of your phone for a certain period of time.
If time allows, disconnect the phone, remove the battery and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Recharging will not occur, but the reserve capacity that the battery always has, will be activated and you will be able to turn on the phone for a while.