If you often face such problem, purchase a special device that plugs into a USB port and charges the mobile phone battery.
Connect this device to your laptop or computer and thus charge your phone.
If you go camping, bring a radio receiver, because it can not only broadcast radio, but also charge your mobile phone. The receiver is equipped with adapters for different mobile phones.
Use the solar charger TYN-94, which is able to charge cellular in nature, at the cottage or on the road.
Use a special device GP Instant Power GPXPG01, running on AA batteries size-AA batteries. This device will charge your phone when the power at any time and in any place.
If you actively use all the possible functions of the phone, and he often runs out of power, then buy a special device FreePlay ZipCharge, which produces the cell be recharged in just a minute. The device itself is charging from the electrical outlet, but it will take just 15 minutes. Battery, which is the basis of the device for 10 minutes, restored 90%, and for 15 minutes at 100%.
The mobile phone rarely discharged, learn how to save battery power: adjust the display brightness, turn on the sleep mode, turn off the sound when you press keys, all sorts of reminders and alerts, set your phone to silent mode.