The simplest way of charging the phone brand Nokia N95 is to use the charger included in the package. To do this, connect it to the socket of the lighting network, and the plug carefully connect to the round connector located at the bottom of the apparatus. Do not apply to radial forces plug - socket device is very sensitive to them and can become loose. Wait for battery charging, and then unplug the charger from the mains and apparatus.
If the regular charger is lost, purchase a new, suitable parameters and type of plug. Remember that if it is not original, and the machine is under warranty, you may lose the right to warranty repair. Not accidentally purchase device old standard Nokio - it is not only the type of plug (it has more diameter), but also for the output voltage (it is below).
To charge the phone Nokia N95 on the road, purchase the device appropriate standard that can work from the cigarette lighter (if you are traveling by car) or on AA batteries (if you are traveling by other means). The last device you can also use AA batteries, pre-charged device designed specifically for them. To charge the device batteries are not.
Phone this model has a Mini-USB port. However, it can only exchange data, but not charging. To charge the device from the USB port, use a special cable or stand where there are both connectors. Remember that a charge from such a device, it will be somewhat longer.
If you have a second battery (it needs to be of type BL-5F battery BL-5 with other alphabetic index will not work), can charge one of them a universal device ("frog") and the other at this time to use, and then rearrange them. Before removing the battery from the phone and installing another will turn it off the power. "Frog" connect the following way. Look at the battery combination of contacts, connecting to which is off from the outlet of the device lights the led. If this combination is not, change the position of the buttons, and then again prepromote all combinations. Finding some of them in which the led is illuminated, connect the device to the outlet. Will blink the second led. When it stops flashing, it means charging is completed. Do not leave the battery in the device off - it will discharge through the led. Do not attempt to recharge his homemade device, since it contains lithium.