You will need
  • charger;
  • bulbs;
  • - skills in electrical engineering.
Build a battery for your at home. Use improvised means, for example, every house has in the refrigerator apples. Take five sour apples, wash them thoroughly. Then take ten nails, the edges of the apples insert two nails. Connect the nails to the wires. Note, wire must be placed horizontally. The first battery ready.
Use the second method of manufacturing a battery for a mobile phone. Take any container (jar), fill it with 90 percent of the electrolyte. Before using for the manufacture of battery to carefully wash and dry the jar. Take six plates of lead (in any case, do not use copper for this).
Buy goods for fishing rods in a fishing store, if you don't have plates made of lead. Take two needles, attach them to the balls so that needles could not be seen. Leave the needle eye. After you planted all the balls on the needle, hit it with a hammer, the lead is dangerous and you will get a plate.
In the lid of the jar, drill six holes. Then install the lead plate into the holes so that they do not touch each other. In pairs connect the three plates on the left side. Then three plates on the right. Insert the cover into the container with the electrolyte, then put on charging, in the lid make a small hole so you can pass gas.
Take four lemon, it is desirable that they were unripe. The edges of each lemon and insert the nail. Connect the nails between them horizontally. The battery is ready. Note that in the accumulator, made of apples and lemons, already contains the initial current, of approximately three to five volts. Follow the battery and connect it to the phone.