Turn off the phone and remove the battery.
Click on the charger "frog" on a clothespin. The device opens.
Insert the battery so that it would match two terminals. If the charger has four terminals, it is necessary to use two, which are located on the side.
Click on the TE (left). If the CON led has lit up in green means you are connected correctly. If not, check the connections of the terminals.
If making sure that everything is plugged in properly CON led does not illuminate, it is possible that the battery is completely discharged. In this case, the charger with battery to put in the network for five minutes. After five minutes, check the indicator turns CON. If Yes, then it's all right. If he does not come on, check the presence of voltage in the network and the integrity of the charger.
To include in the network. Should illuminate or begin flashing CH.
The battery is charged when on the charger will light up the left indicator on FUL.