Not always there when the consumption of the battery is the power source, but if the cord from your phone with the USB output can charge iPhone without charger.
To replenish the battery with the cable from devices with USB output. This is a computer and a tablet, and the radio in the car as well as other devices that use electricity. To charge the iPhone thus, it is necessary to insert the cable into the phone and into a power source.
Note that with this method of filling the battery, the phone can replenish your supply slightly. So, for example, using the phone as a Navigator, loading it from the radio, can be trapped on the road. Better in this situation to use an adapter to USB that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It's a great way to replenish your energy phone on the road.
If you actively use a mobile device, then surely it energy you lack when you leave the house for a long time. In such a situation you need to learn how to charge your iPhone without charging with a special case from Apple. The original device-bumper Juice Helium Tank:
- allows you to maintain the battery charge to 80% longer;
- protects iPhone from external influences tight thin cover, not affecting the appearance of the device.
Case charger for the iPhone allows you to recharge the device when needed by pressing a single button, while the supply of power to the case can be determined by means of the light indicators.
Currently on the shelves you can find many models of charging cases iPhone milking, so you should be able to choose for themselves the best option for a reasonable amount.
In 2014, the manufacturer of iPhones went further and invited the users to recharge the phone with a portable wireless device iQi Mobile.
Refill the power this thing makes the phone with the help of the properties of magnetic induction. This gives you the ability to charge the iPhone at any time and in any place, not having power outlets and wiring. Small size charge make it almost invisible and therefore does not spoil the look of the iPhone.
iQi Mobile includes a thin magnetic plate, the charging stand, the loop and port under lightning connector.
Plate with cord can be easily hidden in soft cover even during operation. To charge the iPhone without charging, you need to attach to the back of the phone plate by inserting the cord into the connector, package all items in protective case and put the plate on the portable charger. The only drawback iQi Mobile is its slow work.