The standard charger is designed to work in conjunction with battery, which is capable of short-term to give a significant current. To feed from his phone directly - the voltage will drop to almost zero at the first attempt the transmitter. Fabricate or purchase a stabilized power supply that produces a voltage of 3.7 V at range load, 0 to 2 A. This voltage under no circumstances shall not exceed the specified value, including during the transients when turning on and off and when AC loads. The unit must be equipped with protection against short circuit, and over voltage when it malfunctions.
Turn off the phone, disconnect the regular battery charger and then remove the battery. Using a voltmeter, locate the battery are the two contacts on which the present voltage from 3.2 to 3.7 V. Determine the polarity of this voltage.
The voltage from the power supply feed, the polarity on the corresponding contact springs of the battery compartment of the phone. Ration apply only in the case that the apparatus further never intend to use outside of the protected system. Connection make under de-energized power supply.
Turn on the power supply, and then try to switch the phone on. If it succeeds, then he is not equipped with a meter reading system, with built in battery chip and, therefore, suitable for use as part of the security system. Note that when power outage, the machine instantly shuts down. To prevent this from happening, equip the alarm the uninterruptible power supply located in a heated room. Connecting the camera via USB port with anti-block shared wire which is decoupled from the common wire of the power supply unit, confirm that manufactured your system.