Advice 1: How to make warmer Niva

In Russia there are very severe frosts. They deliver motorists a lot of headaches. Machine tightly freeze. To open the vehicle and start it early in the morning - the whole problem. If you've done everything right, you still have to drive several kilometres of the present ice carriage. How can you insulate, for example, a typical Cornfield?
The Vehicle
You will need
  • Fibroplastic, construction Hairdryer, a set of rollers, compactors, heated rear and front Windows.
In the Field, usually no vibration and noise, and if it is, then no good. Therefore obeschaet your car. It is not necessary to take the car to the service for this procedure. You can do it themselves. In any Autoshop you can find leaves fibroplastic. It is convenient because he's one of the parts of the adhesive, that is, you do not need to use glue when laying.
Disassemble your car to the ground. Carefully examine it for the presence of corrosion, if any, they should be treated. Remove the door trim. Now with a hair dryer and specially set folds lay layer fibroplastic. Heat sheets prior to application and prominate roller to they without bubbles stuck to the surface. So apply several coats, then refit the interior back.
Explore all the seals. Heat typically lost in two ways - thermal radiation and heat transfer. Damaged seals creating gaps through which warm air leaves. Therefore it is best to lay out the new seals. Also check the operation of all Windows. Over time they can SAG and form a gap.
Check the operation of the regular stove. It is necessary to periodically go through and change filters as it accumulates a lot of garbage. Also check and clean all air ducts that the air can it circulate.
You can also go to the upgrading the regular heating system. Set the thermostat from Niva Chevrolet. This upgrade will require some investment, but the result is quite noticeable.
Install heated glass, then the glass will be continuously heated. This will reduce heat loss through the cold glass.
Useful advice
Test your stove before each season.

Advice 2 : How to make a stove in the Field

Niva is considered one of the most successful and popular cars produced in the territory of our country. Despite its modest design, it harmoniously blends available for most people price and excellent technical characteristics. They allow you to overcome any off-road, which is famous for the Russian heartland.
How to make a stove in the Field
Thanks to its all wheel drive and tough suspension this car is able to get out of any dirt and pass along any country road after a heavy rain without much loss. Check the condition of all parts and elements of this car, and you will ensure its normal functioning for many years.
According to many motorists, the main problem of the stove Chevrolet Niva is its extraordinary noise. To get rid of this, construct a special snail that will allow you to suppress noise and ensure the normal work of such an important part of the car, as Chevrolet stove. To completely disassemble the whole heater. Glue all joints of the body, especially near the radiator, rubber insulation. This will ensure that the level of protection against noise. Then assemble everything back.
Next, disassemble the upper part of the heating system and remove the grille from the air intake. Carefully with special tools cut the space for the snail, so she easily went into the oven. The rest of the intake will fill with foam. Next put the rubber gasket and install the whole system under the hood. Such manipulation will allow to considerably improve the performance of the stove in the car Chevrolet Niva. She will work quietly and silently.
If the stove warms bad, disassemble the heater radiator Niva. Usually after a long time operation it is clogged with dirt and various debris by 50%. Carefully clean it with a special detergent, and you will immediately notice how the stove began to heat better. So in winter you won't freeze, driving his Niva.
The replacement stoves are made in the case if you have tried all ways, but you still failed to restore her health. Yourself you are unlikely to carry out this procedure, so it is advisable to seek help at the auto shop where you for a fee, experienced masters of their craft will replace the stove in the vehicle in the shortest possible time.
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