You will need
  • Fibroplastic, construction Hairdryer, a set of rollers, compactors, heated rear and front Windows.
In the Field, usually no vibration and noise, and if it is, then no good. Therefore obeschaet your car. It is not necessary to take the car to the service for this procedure. You can do it themselves. In any Autoshop you can find leaves fibroplastic. It is convenient because he's one of the parts of the adhesive, that is, you do not need to use glue when laying.
Disassemble your car to the ground. Carefully examine it for the presence of corrosion, if any, they should be treated. Remove the door trim. Now with a hair dryer and specially set folds lay layer fibroplastic. Heat sheets prior to application and prominate roller to they without bubbles stuck to the surface. So apply several coats, then refit the interior back.
Explore all the seals. Heat typically lost in two ways - thermal radiation and heat transfer. Damaged seals creating gaps through which warm air leaves. Therefore it is best to lay out the new seals. Also check the operation of all Windows. Over time they can SAG and form a gap.
Check the operation of the regular stove. It is necessary to periodically go through and change filters as it accumulates a lot of garbage. Also check and clean all air ducts that the air can it circulate.
You can also go to the upgrading the regular heating system. Set the thermostat from Niva Chevrolet. This upgrade will require some investment, but the result is quite noticeable.
Install heated glass, then the glass will be continuously heated. This will reduce heat loss through the cold glass.