You will need
  • - means for stretching shoes;
  • or vegetable oil;
  • or alcohol;
  • or vinegar;
  • any water.
In case when new leather shoes rubbed in the stores there are special tools to soften the skin on the shoes. It is a variety of creams and foams (aerosol), which is usually called Stretching shoes. Spray the aerosol for a few seconds on the section of the shoes that you want to make softer, inside and out. After this, immediately put your shoes on and be in it for half an hour. To achieve the desired result, repeat the treatment several times. Use it in a well ventilated area or outdoors e.g. on the balcony.
In addition, there are "folk" remedies for stretching shoes. Often recommend to lubricate it with castor oil. This is a good means of caring for leather shoes, it not only softens the skin but also gives it a Shine. The same applies to other vegetable oils - they can be used regularly, especially in winter.
If shoes are tight, wipe it from the inside vinegar or alcohol and walk in it. Before you apply alcohol, make sure that the dye of the Shoe is resistant to it. It is advisable to wear shoes until they are dry, otherwise they may not take quite the form that you need.
You can use plain water to break in new shoes in wet socks (this method will take some more time). Another method of water - to fill their shoes with wet paper and wait until it dries. The water should be warm or hot.
Some use more radical means, like freezing shoes. In a plastic bag, pour water, put inside shoes or boots, and then he put shoes in the freezer. Freezing, the water expands and stretches the shoes.