You will need
  • spray paint
  • spray for cleaning
  • - Shoe
  • - velvet
  • - glycerin
  • - vaseline
  • - sponge
The skin on the shoes longer retain marketability, take care of it after each wear. To do this, take a sponge or soft cloth soaked in clean water and wring well so she was barely wet. She wipe the leather surface of the Shoe. After that, dry the boots away from hot radiators and any other heat sources.
At any specialty Shoe store sells the means to care for shoes. They come in different consistency, including in the form of a spray. All you need is to spray it a few times on the leather surface and Polish it with a soft cloth or velvet. These funds will help to cope with strong dirt, returning the shoes look.
If leather shoes began to lose their Shine recently, regularly (at least 2 times a week) treat their surface water-repellent cream, the main purpose of which is to soften and prevent cracking. Give preference to European brands, which are more expensive than any other, but care more efficient. Cream should be applied only on dry boots.
To restore the color of leather shoes will help coloring tools, which can also be found in Shoe stores. With their help you update your aged shoes or boots, "refreshing" the main color or giving them a different hue. Pigments will mask the scratches and if the tool is really high quality, will protect the shoes from cracking. Before use, do not forget to read detailed instruction.
How to eliminate spots that can appear on shoes in the socks? Cut the onion in half and RUB her soiled areas or use onion juice soaked cotton swab. If the shoes start to fade, the regular application of glycerine or vaseline will help to restore the skin's surface. In addition, using glycerin to remove traces of mold that have emerged from the damp.
None of the methods did not produce the expected results? Contact companies that offer professional restoration of leather on shoes. This method will probably be the most effective, but only if the bad shoes you intend to wear more than one season, as this service will require certain financial costs.