You will need
  • spray for stretching shoes;
  • - alcohol;
  • newspaper.
Try to walk in new shoes around the house for hours, no more. In order to avoid calluses, pre-seal the legs in the heels and in those places where the pressure of the Shoe. To the backs of shoes rubbing heel less, soak the shoes with alcohol or soapy water.
If a method were unsuccessful, please contact the Shoe shop, where provide services for Shoe stretching. Or buy a special spray for stretching shoes, it is necessary to spray on the places of greatest pressure of shoes and immediately put them on. Then walk a few minutes in the new shoes, you should feel as the leather becomes softer.
There is also a more economical way of stretching shoes. Take the newspaper, tear them into pieces and soak with water. Tamp shoes from the inside as tightly as possible, depends on the effectiveness of the outcome. Then wait until the newspaper is completely dry. Do not try to do this quickly, do not place them near a radiator or heating devices. Natural drying of the Shoe will need at least one day. After newspaper "gasket" is completely dry, carefully remove it and wear shoes.
Well stretches the skin the alcohol or another alcoholic liquid. Wet shoes from the inside, slide and walk a little in them. However, note that low-quality material can not withstand such a violent approach. Shoes can simply unravel or lose from the sole. You will only throw a new thing.
If all the above does not help, you will just have to give new shoes or sell them on Craigslist. To the store to return them after all the procedures are unlikely to succeed. To continue to avoid this situation, next time buy shoes in the evening when foot size is a little longer due to natural swelling. And do not rush to buy shoes just because you like it. It is important that your feet feel comfortable in them and wasn't tired during the day.