In principle, leather is not afraid of water. Usually it is impregnated with special water repellent. Accidentally getting into a leather jacket in the rain does not threaten neither the jacket nor its owner. But if the water managed to reach the inner surface of the skin, and this can occur as a result of falling in a puddle or getting wet through the shoes, after drying, the skin hardens, the thing becomes unfit for consumption. But hurry and throw it is not worth it.
You can certainly give something to the dry cleaners with a request to soften the skin. But this is not always possible. It is best to try to solve the problem yourself.
On the Internet you can find tips on softening the skin with glycerin or sunflower oil. But it is better not to follow them. Sunflower oil gives the appearance of softening, then the skin will freeze even more, besides it will acquire an unpleasant shiny look. Well glycerin will soften the skin, but will make her very fragile.
Very good, effective and inexpensive means to soften the skin can serve as castor oil which can be easily purchased at any pharmacy.

Saturate a cotton swab with castor oil and blot well with it the surface of the jacket or boots. Give the oil an hour for soaking, repeat the process. Skin will become soft and elastic.
If the oil can't get, looking for a good Shoe cream, which includes wax. You can take the cream, color coordinated to the skin, but it is better to stay on the colorless. The pharmacy will still have to go. Ask them to give you a good cream. Mix the two ingredients in a ratio of 1:1, densely cover leather product obtained by the composition. Not only will you soften the thing, but and update its color.