Try to use special spray for synthetic leather which is sold at Shoe and hardware stores. It will soften the surface of the Shoe and will help to stretch it. Just sprinkle spray your newly purchased shoes or boots.
Quickly stretch imitation leather shoes at home, and one of people ways. For example, it is believed that it helps in processing alcohol. Purchase alcohol from a pharmacy, or use Cologne or vodka, sprinkle a new house shoes and walk around in it for a while to dry. It is better to put on foot thick cotton socks. The convenience of this method of rassasyvaniya shoes is that to put alcohol on certain parts of artificial leather, which bring you inconvenience.
If you are still concerned about how to stretch faux shoes, you can use a very simple and proven method: tight fill the shoes of damp newspaper and leave to dry. Of course, this procedure should be repeated several times, but you will be able to stretch shoes at home without having to wear it.
Use a Hairdryer to stretch shoes made of artificial leather. Turn it on strong mode and aim at the footwear, you have to heat it until it will become warm and even a little hot to the touch. Now, put on your feet and walk around the house. Try not to overdo it with the heat, as the imitation leather quality may crack or even melt.
Apply another well-known method that solves the problem of how to stretch new shoes at home. It is the use of water and the freezer. Type water in suitable size plastic bag, put it into the shoes and place everything in the freezer. Remove shoes when water will freeze in the package. With this method, it is not difficult to stretch suede shoes, however, leather may crack from low temperature, so be extremely careful.