Advice 1: How to stretch shoes made of artificial leather

Beautiful and stylish shoes or boots in faux leather is a truly desirable purchase. But the joy of acquiring new things is marred by the discomfort that occurs as soon as you put it. If there is a desire to stretch the shoes made of artificial leather so that it will fit and not be uncomfortable during walking, you can do it at home.
How to stretch shoes made of artificial leather
Try to use special spray for synthetic leather which is sold at Shoe and hardware stores. It will soften the surface of the Shoe and will help to stretch it. Just sprinkle spray your newly purchased shoes or boots.
Quickly stretch imitation leather shoes at home, and one of people ways. For example, it is believed that it helps in processing alcohol. Purchase alcohol from a pharmacy, or use Cologne or vodka, sprinkle a new house shoes and walk around in it for a while to dry. It is better to put on foot thick cotton socks. The convenience of this method of rassasyvaniya shoes is that to put alcohol on certain parts of artificial leather, which bring you inconvenience.
If you are still concerned about how to stretch faux shoes, you can use a very simple and proven method: tight fill the shoes of damp newspaper and leave to dry. Of course, this procedure should be repeated several times, but you will be able to stretch shoes at home without having to wear it.
Use a Hairdryer to stretch shoes made of artificial leather. Turn it on strong mode and aim at the footwear, you have to heat it until it will become warm and even a little hot to the touch. Now, put on your feet and walk around the house. Try not to overdo it with the heat, as the imitation leather quality may crack or even melt.
Apply another well-known method that solves the problem of how to stretch new shoes at home. It is the use of water and the freezer. Type water in suitable size plastic bag, put it into the shoes and place everything in the freezer. Remove shoes when water will freeze in the package. With this method, it is not difficult to stretch suede shoes, however, leather may crack from low temperature, so be extremely careful.

Advice 2: How to stretch suede shoes

Suede shoes - one of the most capricious. In addition to the careful maintenance in the form of special brushes and sprays, it will require a lot of patience from the owners at the beginning of the socks. If the new suede shoes shake, you should try a few methods of stretching.
How to stretch suede shoes
Get a special spray-stretching in a Shoe store. Developed by experts formula helps the skin to stretch and to sit exactly on the leg. Splash spray inside the shoes and slide it onto the leg. So like a couple of hours, and shoes will cease to be a nuisance.
Take advantage of the popular method of struggle against tight shoes. Cotton socks soak with warm water, put on them shoes and wear for hours. If the socks are dry, soak again.
Widely known method for stretching suede shoes is the use of alcohol. Make a solution in alcohol or take vodka, soak cotton wool inside shoes and put her bare foot. Walk in the shoes at least an hour. If you can't wear a Shoe without a sock, do the following: wet the sock with vodka, slightly wring out, and put it on top of the shoes. Most importantly, do not wear shoes with alcohol more than 2-3 hours, otherwise the suede will stretch too much.
Use the newspaper. For footwear, try a newspaper, moisten it, it should be wet, and fill her shoes. Leave overnight - in the morning you will get a stretched shoes.
Boil water, soak in it a cotton cloth. Each Shoe, wrap a cloth and leave until cool and dry. Do not put shoes to the heaters and batteries to speed up the process, the effect of this stretching is reduced or even missing. After drying Melo wear shoes, they seem much freer.
Use the services of professionals. Almost any repair shop eats Shoe service Shoe stretching. Contact the nearest item to you quickly and efficiently pull huddling shoes.
Suede tends to stretch yourself. Do not rush to apply methods to increase the size of the Shoe from the inside first, wear shoes a week (at home if too much rubbing). May shoes sit on the leg without assistance.

Advice 3: How to quickly stretch your legs

An important part of any training program are exercises for stretching the legs. Due to this the body becomes more flexible, maintain good posture and reduces the risk of damage to the ligaments and muscles. Proper stretching strengthens the joints and makes them flexible. So how do faster to stretch the leg muscles?
How to quickly stretch your legs
You will need
  • - Mat;
  • - the chair.
Before you start stretching, you must warm up. Otherwise, you will be hard to perform exercises with the correct amplitude. Warm-up, do leg swings, jump, squat or pedal a stationary bike. All this will help to improve blood circulation, thus improve the supply of oxygen to muscle tissue.
To perform the first exercise, accept the original position. To do this, lay on the floor Mat and lie on your back, put legs and lift them up, hold right. Start slowly to plant his feet until, until the feeling of discomfort. Stay in this position for half a minute, relax. After the legs are more or less accustomed, increase the amplitude of the dilution of the legs.
Set a chair and put it on the back straight outstretched leg. Lean forwards as far as possible, not vegimite back. Lock the pose, then repeat with the other leg. This exercise helps to stretch the lumbar muscles and hamstrings. If you are unable to lift legs high, use a stool or keep your foot on the back of the chair and on the seat. Gradually increase the height.
Lie on your back and bend your legs at the knees. One leg straight, and slowly start to raise, pull it as close as possible to him. If you find it difficult to keep the foot on weight, unable to hold her thigh or the calf. The knee should not be bent, repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Sit on Mat, knees spread to the sides and keep feet together. Straighten your back and pull your belly, slowly lean forward until until you feel a pulling pain in the inner thigh. Straighten up and try to push my knees as far as possible so that they touch the floor. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.
Stand up, keep your body upright, make the leg step forward (as far as possible), lock the position. The second leg should remain straight (do not bend the knee). Continuing to keep this position, slowly squat to knee straightened leg could approach or touch the floor. Repeat the exercise with the other leg, it's a great stretch for the muscles of the pelvis and calf muscles.

Advice 4: How to stretch patent leather shoes

Patent boots came into fashion as a stylish and beautiful thing. It can decorate even the most daring images. However, the varnish has its disadvantage. These shoes are hard to pair.
Patent leather shoes

Is it possible to stretch patent leather shoes?

It depends on the type of fabric being used. Soft and thin patent leather lends itself to rassasyvaniju.

You should immediately admit that to stretch shoes in length will not work, since the sole will not change. But to carry the shoes in the width you can try.

Methods rassasyvaniya lacquer shoes

To stretch the shoes in width in several ways:

To use the simplest way — using friends. Her leg needs to be wider than the legs of the mistress lacquer shoes, but not two sizes, but only slightly. After wearing shoes for a day or two, a friend will do a great service to their owner.

To use special foam. This product is sold in a Shoe store, where it can be purchased. This foam is composed of certain chemicals, which allow you to stretch patent leather shoes. To use this tool, you need to apply it on the outer and inner side of the Shoe. You then walk around in the shoes for about an hour. For lacquered shoes this procedure must be repeated several times.

Alcohol is another tool that will help to stretch the shoes if it is too tight. For this you need to RUB a shoes this tool inside and put them on using thick socks. It is better to wipe the shoes by the impure alcohol, and diluted with water in ratio 2:1. Instead of alcohol you can use perfume or Cologne.

Rich cream and a Hairdryer. This method is very questionable, since the hot air flow can damage the varnish. But if you take the risk, first to warm up glossy shoes with a Hairdryer and then brush them with fat, fat cream or vaseline. To stretch the shoes will help the same thick socks that should be worn on the leg and walk in my shoes one night. After you remove the shoes and again to treat her with the cream, leaving for the night.

To use vinegar, which must be diluted with water in equal parts. The procedure is the same as with alcohol. However, the vinegar can adversely affect the heels, so to moisten the inside shoes the solution should be using a cotton swab.

You can use ice. It is necessary to pour in the water pack and put it in the lacquer shoes. After which shoes need to be send in the freezer. As is known, water expands when it is frozen and, hence, it will stretch the shoes. But there is one drawback. Cold has a negative effect on patent leather shoes.

You can also dampen a towel in hot water, wrap them and place shoes in the pack on day and night.

The steam will help to stretch patent leather shoes if to take them up on it, and then diarrhea.

The most proven way is to appeal for help to the professionals. It is necessary to include the patent leather shoes in a Shoe shop. There, with the help of special pads will help to stretch the shoes to offers half the size.

Small nuances

There are several tricks, which you should use, so you do not wrestle with how to stretch patent leather shoes.

To buy shoes it is necessary in the second half of the day. This statement is related to the fact that after lunch the legs are slightly swollen. The convenience of footwear we can estimate, after walking in it for some time when fitting. New shoes should be lubricated with vaseline before going to seal the problem areas with plaster.
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