You will need
  • - vaseline;
  • - napkin;
  • or
  • - beaten egg whites
As already mentioned, the skin is quite often hard and rough, so after purchasing leather jackets, it is better to moisten and thus soften it. For this you will need a simple remedy is vaseline. Apply a small amount on a rag cloth and a thin layer will wet the surface of the product. Express clothes covered with vaseline overnight to soak, and in the morning, dry cloth to remove any excess media. In this way you will soften the skin, giving it luster and retain it longer.
In addition, the quality of leather jacket depends on how you store it. Remember that the skin must breathe, so it should be kept in linen or cotton bags, eliminating plastic bags. Do not add a leather jacket and put in closed glove boxes. These things need to be stored on hangers or in the expanded position in the above-mentioned bags.
If you put the jacket in a plastic bag, and when the season, from the Cabinet took out a product with a rough skin, then do not despair. The situation can be corrected by applying eggs, namely, the beaten egg whites. For this you need to beat one or two of the protein, and then wet them with dry cloth or cloth and wipe the wrong part of the product. Leave the treated skin for three to four hours, then wipe it with a damp cloth.
Also soften the leather garment through the use of citrus fruits. To do this, take a slice of any of these fruits, orange or lemon, and carefully wipe the surface of the product. Leave the jacket for a couple of hours, then repeat the procedure again, and then remove the juice with a damp cloth. This procedure can be repeated several times until the product will become softer.