Oil for feet will prevent the formation of calluses and protects the skin from mycosis. Take as a basis the equally oil corn, seed VIfeetpleased, sesame. On 10 ml bases add 4 drops of essential oils: Basil, fennel, sandalwood. Circular massaging movements RUB the oil into the skin of the feet, pay special attention to the skin on the heels, here oil, you can RUB itlegsabout more.
If the skin at the edges of the feet and heels are very coarse, you can use the trays. Baths for the feet of feet can be a wide variety of herbal teas (sage, peppermint, hop cones), a warm solution of baking soda, water with lemon juice and grapefruit. Hold the footand 15-20 minutes in any of these solutions. Then RUB the problem areas with a pumice stone or a special metal brush. Now apply on the feet nourishing or moisturizing cream. If you made a bath for the feet before bed - for additionalfeeton soften the skin you can apply a liberal amount of foot olive oil, Mayo or margarine, then put on night cotton socks. Several of these procedures and your skin on the feet will be soft and smooth.
Rough skin on heels soften the cleaning of potatoes or mush of it. On freshly washed feetand apply a cleaning or pulp and soak for 30 minutes. The skin will become soft, and after a few such procedures will fade and crack.
Milk bath for the feet will also help in the coarse skin. Pour in a bowl of warm milk, soak the foot leg and hold for 20 minutes. After bath RUB your foot using a slice of lemon. Lemon has good wound-healing, antiseptic and emollient properties.
If heels are cracked, you can use a mask made from apples. Grate the Apple, pour milk to make a thick paste. Bring the mixture to a boil. The cooled mixture apply on problem skin. Lie down with a mask on my feet for about an hour and then rinse. Well after the mask is applied to the skin with glycerin or cracks healing cream.