You will need
  • Thick plastic bags, freezer
Take a sturdy plastic bag large enough, place a bag on hand and put into the boot to the sock. Pour in the package of water. If the shoes are too tight only in the region of the foot – can you unbuckle or unlace the shoes if a bit crowded and shaft to fill with water boots have full length. Firmly tie the pack on top.
Put shoes overnight in the freezer. If it's below freezing you can send your boots with a water "stuffing" and a balcony. As we remember from physics lessons in school, water expands when it is frozen. It happens gradually and fairly evenly. Water turning into ice, gradually stretch the skin.
Make boots in a warm place and wait a few hours until the ice melts. Wear shoes and make sure that she is not as tight as it was. But if your leg still seems that the boots are too small, you can repeat the operation for stretching again.