Castor oil will help extend the life of your favorite shoes, boots and shoes. With it articles of leather literally come to life. Become soft and elastic. Buy this inexpensive means to care for leather footwear in the pharmacy.

After the rain

Spring and autumn shoes often get wet. It must not be dried near a heating duct. Wet shoes should be wiped. Lubricated with castor oil. Stuff crumpled Newspapers or dry hay. Put this way, to allow access of air to the soles.

Leather shoes in rainy weather will remain dry if it is treated with castor oil. Oil is applied with a cotton swab or brush. Especially carefully it is necessary to coat the junction of the sole and the top. Shoes need to dry for several hours. After this treatment, the water repellency persisted one or two days.

The cure for damp

The shoes were waterproof all season, prepare a mixture of beeswax and castor oil. Dipping a pair of shoes will need 50 g of beeswax and 2 bottles of castor oil. As well as enameled bowl and pair of brushes from natural pile.

Beeswax and castor oil placed in the bowl and put it on the stove. The ingredients by stirring, is heated. When the wax melts, and the fire abated. The mixture should not boil. For convenience, you can use a water bath.

To shoes don't get wet

Hot blend coat with thread, the seams and joints of the skin from the inside. Also done on the front side of the Shoe.

Then treat the sole. The composition of it is applied 5-10 times. And the remaining mixture lubricate the entire surface of the Shoe.

After drying, it will show through stains and smudges of wax, which is not absorbed into the skin. They need to get rid of.

Hairdryer heated a small area of the skin. The wax is melted. Excess is wiped with a cloth.

Left final stage. Shoes smear castor oil. Turn the sole up and dried for several days.

The secret of dry insoles

Now we should take care of the insoles. It is better to use felt. Their edges should overlap the inner seams of the shoes.

The insole is also treated with a mixture of castor oil and wax. From the other side, which rests on the sole.

The heat is not terrible

Leather shoes have to protect not only from dampness but also from drying out. Summer genuine leather loses moisture. It becomes hard, cracks.

The best remedy for dry skin – castor oil. They cover the shoes before storing.

With proper care the genuine leather shoes worn long, pleasing the owner with beauty and comfort.