Contact the firm that installed the intercom. The specialist will advise you on all available issues and say, is it possible to recode your key and not it just be easier to order a new one. In any case, it is the most reliable and legitimate way.
If problems with the intercom came to all residents of the entrance, to recode the key and the lock. You will need to use a master key or a key remap. These keys are manufactured in one piece, and he is the master who installed the intercom. However, now there are a lot of craftsmen who can make a master key to any lock. It works only in the open position of the door, so the door to not open, but to start the recoding of a castle.
Intercom you can try to reprogram and Keyless. Since models of intercoms are different, a single code for all no, but for example, intercoms Vizit, you can do the following: dial #999, to enter the service mode. Press 3 to go into Programing mode key to the apartment. Attach the key, dial the number, press # to accept the data changes. This method may not work in all cases. Enter the menu of the intercom company METAKOM, you can use the numbers 65535 If the intercom company Tamahome, to enter the service menu press any digit and hold until the.
Contact the firm involved in the recoding of the keys. Codes keys Cyfral or Metakom can be written in the key of format "DULLES", so the master can change the encoding and give you a working key. It uses a special program – a key duplicator "KeyCopy 3". The option of conversion will depend on the specific model of intercom
The operation of the intercom system – the key to the safety of you and your neighbors. Therefore, it is better not to go to the lone artisans and try to change the entry code on their own. All the problems with the lock and keys better handle the firm that installed the door and intercom.