You will need
  • program Dekart Key Manager.
In order to merge the dump key and flash cards, use special software. Mostly all the utilities designed for this, pay. You can use Dekart Key Manager or its analogues.
Buy software with a credit card or any other remedies provided by the developer and available to you. Best of all this program to run on a computer with Windows XP operating system, if you have no such opportunity, and you have a newer version, use run in compatibility mode with XP.
Run the program and familiarize yourself with its interface. In the left of the main window you will find a list of devices with keys connected to your computer via a USB interface, and the right side – the contents of the selected media. Make a copy of the information held on the key using the program menu. To do this, use the save menu data from a file.
In the edit menu select the copy operation and connect to your computer, other removable drive, for which further written information. Confirm the operation and wait for it to finish.
Please note that if you encounter problems using the software in compatibility mode, it is mandatory to use the computer with operating system Windows XP. Otherwise, when copying information to a removable storage device in future there can be problems with further reading.
Best of all, try to foresee multiple copies of the software keys, so you don't have the extra time to make additional copies yourself. Consider the fact that the software needed to copy the information of the key, almost all paid.