You will need
  • program Dekart Key Manager.
Download Dekart Key Manager from official developer website at The program is paid, so in the section Download will download available for registered users only. Register online by entering basic information, and email address.
Install the program on the hard drive. Generally such software is always installed in the system root drive of the hard drive. Launch the program by double-clicking on the launch file with the icon for the application. The main window is divided in three areas: on top a menu with the controls on the left of the media Manager, right - details of selected media.
Connect the usb media to the PC. Select the drive on the left side of the program window Dekart Key Manager. You can use a stick with a small volume, and can under thekeybe a special external hard drives. Create a copy of the keyusing the Save item menu. Save a copy in a special directory on your hard drive, not to forget, and not to accidentally delete the recorded information.
Create a copy of the key to a new media, connecting a USB flash drive to the computer and selecting the appropriate item from the Edit menu. You can also set a PIN code for the carrier or change it. You can view the media contents of a usb key, using Dekart Key Manager. It is not necessary to remove the contents of the drive without checking the operability of the copy key. Try to keep copies of all important information on multiple media, as viruses can get into your personal computer and infect or delete all information from a hard disk.