You will need
  • kitten attention and caution
The thing is that the coat of cats replaced when they become older. The so-called adult fur may be slightly different from the original color kids, so you need to carefully look at the color of the fur of the kitten that more or less reliably determine what color it will be more in adulthood. Often completely white cats at a younger age, have black or grey spots on the top of the head and the area between the ears on the forehead. Usually by the age of 9 months, these spots disappear completely. And here absolutely black kittens upon reaching nine months of age may start to see specks of red, white or pale yellow shades and the coat begins to change color.
в разном возрасте у кошки
The dream of many cat lovers – ginger or red cats. At the age of 12 months, the kittens can be uniformly colored, but in the process of hair loss children's hair, you may receive more or less clear pattern in strips. Actually quite solid cats of this color do not exist, they are all in varying degrees and stripes, just it can be either almost imperceptible or it can be seen clearly. But if you see cream-colored kitten with a very slightly pronounced tabby (this is the strip), you know, most likely in adulthood they will disappear completely and the color of the cat will be completely creamy.
как определить возраст кота
Carefully choose smoky kittens. The fact that many black cats in my childhood, have blond wavy hair that can be mistaken for a real smoky color. If smoky shade for you is fundamentally important, ask the breeder what color the parents hair your kitty. If none of the parents have no bright undercoat, kittens smoky. After some time children's coat changes to a darker or even black. Be careful.
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