As you know, the British breed of cats refers to Shorthair group. Recognized British breed solid colours, tabby, and mackerel (spotted and marble) and tortoiseshell. In 1980 with the purpose of obtaining marks of the British were crossed with Siamese cats.
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Cats British breed round and massive head. The skull is wide, and the cheeks rounded. The eyes are round, large, set wide apart. The ears are also set wide apart, small and with rounded apices. The British typically achieve medium to large size, the body of their dense, squat. Have muscular and massive enough shoulders, back and wide chest. The tail in kittens and adult cats of this breed is thick and rounded at the tip, tail length average. The coat is short and dense, dense.
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The British differ remarkably calm character, restraint and poise. It is possible that because of these qualities some of the specimens awarded of service in the library of the Queen of great Britain. Those lucky enough to have their uniform collars with bells. They do not kill the mice (due to the bells), and cast them out.
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There is another feature cats and kittens of the British breed. Sometimes for the British Shorthair to give straights. These rocks are generally similar, however, unscrupulous cat owners do not take into account a peculiarity of the British: nose they have on the end of a right bent (bend) like a duck. This features no straights, no Carthusian cats. The presence of a pinch on the muzzle will tell you that before you is a Chartreuse. Representatives of all these species in principle can be issued for the British, but sophisticated coccoloba will easily be able to distinguish British kitten from any other.
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