It often happens that the animal gets in your house completely by accident - maybe the meowing kitten to bring your child or you yourself are unable to pass by a cute little creature. In the world there are over one hundred officially registered breeds of cats are lost or find themselves on the street because of negligent owners of cats of different breeds, so you have a real opportunity to bring the streets purebred animal.
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If your town has a club of fans of cats, for starters, you can try to treat the kitten there. Specialists will thoroughly examine your kid and will help to determine the breed of your pet.
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If there are clubs of fans of cats or other cat associations, it is possible to go to the library and ask them to give you books on breeds of these animals. You can also watch the annual filing of the magazine "Friend. Cats, it is possible that you will also be able to glean the necessary information.
Another way to know the breed of the pet is to just search the Internet. Today there are many specialized websites devoted to various breeds of cats. Also in the web you can find forums where you can upload a photo of your kitten, and the specialists will help you determine the breed.
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You can also try to ask for help in the veterinary clinic. There your animal will not only inspect and conduct preventive activities (deworming, vaccination, etc.), but also will help you to Orient with breed identity.
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Even if your kitten was not purebred, then do not worry - breed does not affect the loud happy purr and love to its owner!