You will need
  • Atlas of cat breeds and the description of the characteristics of rocks. Pictures of your cat.
A breed is a group of domestic cats that is recognized by the international feline organizations.
Called purebred animals, whose pedigree is confirmed by the club. Buying a kitten in a certified kennel you can be assured of the "noble" origin of your pet. Specified in the pedigree breed of kitten, the names of three generations of his ancestors, and especially of the color of the animal.
In the absence of pedigree cat to be a purebred, even if its color suggests she's purebred parents. Compare exterior your cat with the typical representatives of the breeds at the Atlas of cats (such atlases is in bookstores and on the Internet: or In addition, the features color and character of a cat must comply with the standards of a certain breed:
If you took a little kitten without documents, or picked him up on the street, with the definition of breed is better not to hurry. The fact that some features of color appear only in adult animals. For example, white cats are often on the head in childhood has dark spots, which later disappear.