Advice 1: How to find out the breed of cat

If you are the owner of a cat or kitten without documents, but the color of your cat you seem noble, it can be assumed she has pedigree parents and even call the breed with a certain accuracy. However, without a pedigree issued by a club, the cat is not purebred animals, and will not be able to participate in exhibitions and to be a producer of pedigreed cats.
How to find out the breed of cat
You will need
  • Atlas of cat breeds and the description of the characteristics of rocks. Pictures of your cat.
A breed is a group of domestic cats that is recognized by the international feline organizations.
Called purebred animals, whose pedigree is confirmed by the club. Buying a kitten in a certified kennel you can be assured of the "noble" origin of your pet. Specified in the pedigree breed of kitten, the names of three generations of his ancestors, and especially of the color of the animal.
In the absence of pedigree cat to be a purebred, even if its color suggests she's purebred parents. Compare exterior your cat with the typical representatives of the breeds at the Atlas of cats (such atlases is in bookstores and on the Internet: or In addition, the features color and character of a cat must comply with the standards of a certain breed:
If you took a little kitten without documents, or picked him up on the street, with the definition of breed is better not to hurry. The fact that some features of color appear only in adult animals. For example, white cats are often on the head in childhood has dark spots, which later disappear.
It is recommended to separately photograph the ears, tail and paws of a cat close-up, these important details of the exterior of the cat will help experts more accurately determine the breed.
Useful advice
To ask the Council to determine the breed of cat you can have the vet or on forums cat lovers, after photographing your pet and put his pictures on the Internet.

Advice 2: How to determine the breed of a kitten

You have a little purring ball, and you really want to know what kind of animal lived in your house? There is nothing complicated - the abundance of literature and various Internet resources will help you quickly identify the breed of your kitten.
How to determine the breed of a kitten
It often happens that the animal gets in your house completely by accident - maybe the meowing kitten to bring your child or you yourself are unable to pass by a cute little creature. In the world there are over one hundred officially registered breeds of cats are lost or find themselves on the street because of negligent owners of cats of different breeds, so you have a real opportunity to bring the streets purebred animal.
If your town has a club of fans of cats, for starters, you can try to treat the kitten there. Specialists will thoroughly examine your kid and will help to determine the breed of your pet.
If there are clubs of fans of cats or other cat associations, it is possible to go to the library and ask them to give you books on breeds of these animals. You can also watch the annual filing of the magazine "Friend. Cats, it is possible that you will also be able to glean the necessary information.
Another way to know the breed of the pet is to just search the Internet. Today there are many specialized websites devoted to various breeds of cats. Also in the web you can find forums where you can upload a photo of your kitten, and the specialists will help you determine the breed.
You can also try to ask for help in the veterinary clinic. There your animal will not only inspect and conduct preventive activities (deworming, vaccination, etc.), but also will help you to Orient with breed identity.
Even if your kitten was not purebred, then do not worry - breed does not affect the loud happy purr and love to its owner!
Useful advice
It is possible that your kitten - mestizo, that is, one of the parents had a purebred. If so, then your pet should be the characteristic features of a particular breed.

Advice 3: How many fingers have cats

If your house lives a cat or a cat, there lives the joy. These graceful animals are rarely someone can be indifferent, especially when they tread on your knees to finger her. By the way, how many toes the cat?
How many fingers have cats
Innumerable admirers of these small independent whiskered predators that walk by themselves. As has become clear, it will be about cats. These Pets are beautiful from nose to tip of tail, and especially touching them chubby heels and the bean-like toes on their feet.

How many fingers in the cat normal

Normal cats on each of the front paws and 5 toes. With 4 of them touch the surface when walking, and the fifth is separated from them and not touching the floor. On their hind legs in cats are normal 4 finger. In total the cats must be 18 fingers.

On each finger the cat has a claw. Order your favorite accidentally scratch someone and did not spoil the walls and the sofas, my claws on them, they can be cut. It goes like this: about once a week the tip of the claw is cut with a special kogterezki, which you can buy at the pet store. Interestingly, after some time, cut off the tip of the claw is removed, like the cover, and underneath is a new, sharp as a needle, tip. If you are concerned that your Mouser will sharpen their claws on furniture and carpets, buy him a scratching post made of durable felt. They come in both stationary and mounted on the wall. Cats love them and enthusiastically sharpening their claws on them.

How many fingers could be the cat

Among cats widespread natural genetic mutation, the result of which is they have extra toes on the paws. This mutation is called polydactyly ("poly" - many, "daktylos - fingers in Greek). She is absolutely not dangerous for the animal, but to modern standards cats with "extra" fingers are unable to participate in exhibitions. So the breeders of purebred animals are monitored to cat-polydactyly not knit and did not produce offspring.

In life the only disadvantage for the owner of a cat, which has more than 18 toes – is that he has cut a greater number of claws. In addition to this, there are legends that these cats bring happiness – that's why they are so popular, for example, of sailors.

The most famous cat-polydactyl live in the UK. She has 7 toes on front paws and 6 on the back, is easy to calculate that the amount of the cat's 26 toes. Otherwise it's perfectly healthy and normal animal, beloved by their owners and, in turn, utterly dedicated to them.

Advice 4: How to determine the character of a cat in color

According to research scientists from gemanii, cats can be divided into several types with their inherent qualities of character. Knowing them, you will be able to predict who will grow your kitten, how he fit the character of you and your family members.

How to determine the character of a cat in color

The nature of cats in color

Docile and gentle nature of the different kittens are black in color. They are obedient and sensitive, feel the mood of the people, love affection. Black kitten will be very glad to communicate with you. If you respond back he will love you and become attached to you. In addition, black kittens are pretty easy to get along with children. The most obedient are the black cats. But cats of this color the more wayward, although there are exceptions.

Black cats also have a high sensitivity to your them treatment. If you're strict, the kitten will be nervous, retires into its shell, fearing to do something wrong that will cause you displeasure. And therefore try to be lenient to the antics of a black kitten, to show him tenderness and affection.

As for the gray and striped cats, they do not have such a docile and good-natured and docile nature. Kittens of this coloration is often characterized by intolerance, secretive and closed nature.

If you decide to have a grey kitten, do not be surprised that he will avoid your society and maybe communicate with you. These kittens cherish their freedom and independence. Cats grey more suited to people who are very busy at work and can't spend with your pet a lot of time. This combination in your relationship with the cat will be complete harmony.

According to research by German scientists, the most intelligent and cunning are kittens red color. Most often cats are exactly the kind of colors choose for training. Red kittens may differ obedience, sometimes bordering on sycophancy.

But be warned, this is usually a cunning plan this kitten in the case when he wants you to do or felt guilty. Therefore, if your pet affectionately rubs against your legs, implicitly listens to you, check to see whether there is puddle in the hallway or empty cat bowl for food. In addition, red kittens are well feel your mood. If you sagrestia, they will try to cheer you.

White cats can be overly touchy. In addition, it is believed that they are prone to illnesses - for example, these cats often have issues with hearing. These kittens can be capricious and offended like little children. However, white cats are very affectionate to its owner.

Nature multicolor kittens, you can determine the predominant color in their coloring. It is assumed that 2-colored kittens like to have fun and play, but 3-colored – loving and flexible.

Whether to choose a cat by its color?

In ancient times, people often chose cats of color, as it was believed that a certain color you have to home". For example, in one family get along well black cat, but the redhead in this house to be uncomfortable. And there is some truth to it - sometimes cats, for various reasons, do not survive from their owners, sick or run.

However, the character of a cat largely depends on the attitude to it, but because you love your pet and never hurt. Then they will answer you with love and devotion.

Advice 5: How do you know that a cat's temperature

Symptoms of diseases in cats often manifest differently than in humans. For example, it is difficult to understand whether the animal has fever, or is it a normal temperature. To identify this symptom, there are special methods applicable to cats.
How do you know that a cat's temperature
You will need
  • thermometer;
  • - a towel.
Check for elevated temperature indirectly. For example, this can serve as a dry and hot nose of the animal. Normally it should be humidified as it cools the body. Exception is the situation when the cat wakes up after a long sleep. In this case you need to wait half an hour or an hour to the state of the nose returned to normal. If he stays hot, it should be wary and find out why.
Measure the animal temperature. To do this, enlist someone to help - even a quiet animal can strongly resist the procedure. Wrap cat in a towel so that the lower part of the back and the tail was opened, and the feet fixed. Alternatively, you can trim claws with special scissors. Lift the pet's tail and, while your assistant holds it, enter it in the anus to the tip of the thermometer. Wait until it shows the desired data, it will take a few minutes. Be careful - even with fixed paws animal can hurt you, for example, to bite.
Analyze the information received. The normal temperature in cats ranges between 38 and 39 degrees. If it is above forty, it is a chance to go to the vet. This figure can be a symptom, e.g. inflammation. with the exception of animal breeds Sphynx and other hairless cats. Their natural body temperature is higher and is around 42 degrees. So should we be worried only if the thermometer will show more.
Useful advice
Even if the measurements showed normal body temperature in cats, it does not mean that she is completely healthy. This species, not all of the disease accompanied by such symptom. If the cat stopped eating, is committed to privacy, is sensitive to touch of the abdomen, stopped to visit the toilet or, on the contrary, suffers from frequent urination, you should write her an appointment to the vet, regardless of the presence of increased temperature.

Advice 6: How to know if cat is pregnant

To know that the cat is pregnant, you better as early as possible, because the average pregnancy of your beloved furry beast lasts 65 days. And if time does not learn of the impending birth, can deprive the mother of adequate attention.
Kitties in the situation become even more sweet and tender
Start to worry and look for signs of pregnancy in cats as soon as I notice that the missing heat. If the animal has ceased to bother you with heart-rending cries, need it to look.
Note the nipples of your cat. Even in early pregnancy are noticeably swell and become more red.
Watch cat food. If the cat is pregnant, she starts eating three or four times more than before.
If you suspect that your cat is pregnant, regularly produmyvayte her belly. Significantly increase it five weeks after pregnancy.
To know that a cat is pregnant can be and her behavior. It will become much more affectionate and will constantly anxious to seek out suitable birth to kittens place.
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