A few words about genetics

Coat color red in cats is determined by a gene called Orange (O). Cat it is located on the sex X chromosome. Grip with this chromosome explained by the fact that most red are males. Red females are much smaller.

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From red color there is one interesting feature. It is never solid. The pattern may be spotted, marbled and tiger. In some cats it bright, some pale.

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"Red" breed

The most common among breeders of purebred red cats. Sometimes they are specially bred in nurseries, because they are very popular. Also red color is found among the representatives of the Persian and Siberian breeds and in many other long-haired varieties.

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Mushrooms have good pedigree data. If you cross a red cat and a cat, you can get a variety of colors that are interesting for breeders. It is known to many white-red color and three-color variant.

There is also a color called "tabby" - the so-called "tiger", with separate spots and stripes. He also is in demand from many breeders.

Some cat breeds are very similar to red, but actually have a completely different color. These include the Somali and Abyssinian breeds. Such colours as red and cinnamon, have nothing to do with ginger. Although very similar to it.

Sometimes you can predict what colour the kittens are born from red cat. If the cat is also red all kittens will be red. If the father is black – the females are tortoise-shell, and the males red.

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Intelligent and sociable

And now I would like to talk about the character red cat. In General, information about this is very different. The researchers say that these animals are bold and cunning. But if you ask the owner of the red cat – she will be affectionate, communicative "purring".

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One of the most interesting features of cats is their love for children. Once acquainted with the child, the cat will let him much. Even the kids are crazy about these little "tigers".


Happiness comes in the house...

One of the most well-known roles red cat is the role of the healer. People always believe that a cat can heal its master. And Ryzhikov recognize the "healing". There are several stories about blackened red cats, who are competing for part of the severe illness of the owner.


Many believe that encountered on the way red cat with green eyes brings unprecedented power and energy. It is Pat to bring you happiness.

If rusty treasure dwells in your home, it will definitely attract to you and good fortune. And yet, this ball of happiness will give warmth, kindness and warmth of the hearth. Pam brown told the absolute truth: "If you have a cat, do not you go back to the house and home."