The nature of cats in color

в разном возрасте у кошки

Docile and gentle nature of the different kittens are black in color. They are obedient and sensitive, feel the mood of the people, love affection. Black kitten will be very glad to communicate with you. If you respond back he will love you and become attached to you. In addition, black kittens are pretty easy to get along with children. The most obedient are the black cats. But cats of this color the more wayward, although there are exceptions.

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Black cats also have a high sensitivity to your them treatment. If you're strict, the kitten will be nervous, retires into its shell, fearing to do something wrong that will cause you displeasure. And therefore try to be lenient to the antics of a black kitten, to show him tenderness and affection.

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As for the gray and striped cats, they do not have such a docile and good-natured and docile nature. Kittens of this coloration is often characterized by intolerance, secretive and closed nature.

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If you decide to have a grey kitten, do not be surprised that he will avoid your society and maybe communicate with you. These kittens cherish their freedom and independence. Cats grey more suited to people who are very busy at work and can't spend with your pet a lot of time. This combination in your relationship with the cat will be complete harmony.

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According to research by German scientists, the most intelligent and cunning are kittens red color. Most often cats are exactly the kind of colors choose for training. Red kittens may differ obedience, sometimes bordering on sycophancy.

But be warned, this is usually a cunning plan this kitten in the case when he wants you to do or felt guilty. Therefore, if your pet affectionately rubs against your legs, implicitly listens to you, check to see whether there is puddle in the hallway or empty cat bowl for food. In addition, red kittens are well feel your mood. If you sagrestia, they will try to cheer you.

White cats can be overly touchy. In addition, it is believed that they are prone to illnesses - for example, these cats often have issues with hearing. These kittens can be capricious and offended like little children. However, white cats are very affectionate to its owner.

Nature multicolor kittens, you can determine the predominant color in their coloring. It is assumed that 2-colored kittens like to have fun and play, but 3-colored – loving and flexible.

Whether to choose a cat by its color?

In ancient times, people often chose cats of color, as it was believed that a certain color you have to home". For example, in one family get along well black cat, but the redhead in this house to be uncomfortable. And there is some truth to it - sometimes cats, for various reasons, do not survive from their owners, sick or run.

However, the character of a cat largely depends on the attitude to it, but because you love your pet and never hurt. Then they will answer you with love and devotion.