Perhaps the most popular Pets are cats. While it has long been noticed that the purring of a bright red color often live in the homes of those who are different from other enviable optimism and love of life. In these homes often come to visit, because they are a kind of particularly warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Whether there are in nature, funny cats?

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You can often hear the opinion that a beautiful fire red coat is found only in cats and red cats – no more than a myth. This information is really based on some facts from feline – the science dealing with the study of cats. The fact that a red color coat meets the specific gene Orange, which, simply put, is located on the sex chromosome X. Thus, in most cases, in fact, red color is different from their counterparts just cats.

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But it would be wrong to assume that cats do not exist. Of course they exist, just their numbers compared with cats of this color are much smaller.

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What is the difference between red cats and cats from the others?

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First of all, there is no uniformly red cats. The peculiarity of this color is the presence of spotted, striped or marbled pattern on the wool. It can manifest itself more or less clearly, but in any case exist.

Another distinctive feature of cats is their extraordinary mind. Of course every owner thinks their pet is extremely smart, but in the case of red cats and cats is justified.

Red animals are very popular, so their cultivation commercially profitable. Moreover, it is accepted that the house cats with reddish fur is sure to make its owners rich and successful people. It is unknown if this is true, but in any case, these cats are very playful, friendly and positive creation.