British kitten has a huge resemblance with a small Teddy bear. You can find it on a short dense coat, resembling the fur of the North American mink, chubby cheeks, small, slightly rounded lugs, expanded at the base, and a large, round, widely spaced eyes. From other breeds, these cats are different and short, fairly thick tail with rounded tip.
A little Brit you can easily decide on short thick legs, rounded head and short neck. That's what these kittens at age 4-6 weeks. At this time British kids are the cutest.
In a further period of growth kittens develop quite unevenly. They begin to stretch in length, to spread wide. At this stage of the development of young Britons you can also see that their ears become unnaturally large, and his legs are too long. This period "ugly duckling" different blood lines occurs at different times. In some people it starts in 2-3 months, others 6-7.
Eye color kittens depends on the color of their hair. Animals of the silver color green eyes or light brown, shaded silver and shaded Golden British green. Have white kittens they are usually blue. But most British cats eyes have shades of Golden-copper scales.
British kitten is the best option for people who spend a lot of time away from home. That is why dogs are called cats for businessmen. Their respectable appearance, calm temperament, self-esteem and a surprisingly pleasant character allow you to gain British cats incredible popularity among people all over the world.