As mentioned one of the greats, "even the smallest cat is beautiful." Some people like fluffy husky cats, and someone crazy statuette-graceful cats whose skin is not covered with hair. But almost everyone who loves cats, I agree that white cats with blue eyes – some of the most beautiful.

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Unfortunately, there is a myth that white cats can't hear anything. People believe that if the cat has a beautiful white coat and bright deep eyes, almost with absolute probability this cat is deaf. Whether so it actually?

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Why many people believe that white cats are deaf?

The fact that white cats dominant the genotype is epistatic gene W. It is often confused with albinism, but in fact it is absolutely not the same thing. The presence of this gene explains the fact that 2 out of 10 white cats really don't hear anything.

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But this gene can with a high degree of probability to be in the genotype of the red cat, and black, and even striped, and they are just as likely to be deaf. Moreover, this gene is passed from parents to offspring, so that some of the kittens in this litter can be deaf regardless of the color of their fur. As for the white color coat meets all the same albinism that with deafness is in no way connected.

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How to understand that white cat can't hear?

If you still want to get my own cat is white, but not willing to provide care naslyshana animal, you need to determine whether a deaf cat, even before you take him in the house. As a rule, deaf kitten differs from its brothers and sisters that titles it sounds louder than the rest, because he can't hear himself. More than an adult cat, whose hearing problems, does not respond to such lovely cat heart sounds, like the rustling nazyvayuschego in a bowl of food or the sound of opening the door of the refrigerator. You should be especially alert if the cat is frightened when you approach her from behind. Hearing a normal cat is very thin, and she needs to hear your steps.

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If your house lives a deaf dog, I always look at his feet and ask your guests. Unfortunately, deaf cats are more prone to injury than usual, because one of the senses they have atrophied and they can not react to danger in a timely manner. These kittens and cats still need a little more attention than usual, but otherwise it's the same cute, playful and affectionate Pets, as a listener.