Advice 1: Why kitten eyes change color

Owners who got the kitten for the first time are often surprised by the change in appearance of the pet. Like recently eyes were bright blue, and now changed to true cat green or amber. In fact, this phenomenon is quite explainable and understandable.
Why kitten eyes change color

The fact that the color of the cat's eye, as, indeed, and the eyes of man, depends on the quantity of coloring pigment in the front and back of the eyeball. And, like most human babies, newborn kittens eyes are gray or blue-gray. If the child's eyes will change color only to 6-8 months, eyes kitten turns green or yellow after a few weeks. All this is because melanin in newborns quite a bit, and then it begins to accumulate in iris.

But in cats things with the eye color is slightly different than in humans. Some breeds eye color sex-linked coat color. For example, Siamese cats eyes, usually blue, and the British amber. The problem is that, unlike coat color, eye color in kittens when breeding is very difficult to manage, and "right" eyes are very much appreciated by fans of the breeds.

What occurs inside the eye when the color starts to change? When the kitten is still at the stage of the embryo, it has about 30 pigment centers. Until the end of embryonic development, pigment cells do migrate throughout the body, spreading through coat and iris of the eye. However, by the time of birth of the kitten the pigment in the coat is already settled permanently, but in the eyes continues to accumulate. The saturation of the blue color of the eyes of a kitten depends on the number of pigment granules in the retina of the eye. All colors except blue, are dominant, and thus, with age, the eyes of kittens can only go from blue to some other, but never in blue, if the eyes are not blue at all.

As among people, among cats, there are albino cats with red eyes (sometimes with only one red eye). Albinos have pigment in the retina is completely absent, so under the retina are clearly visible blood vessels. These cats eye color also will not change ever.

Some scientists believe that the color of eyes had something to do with the diet of cats, however, direct evidence is not.

Whatever it was, the eyes of cats — quite a fascinating spectacle, no matter what shade they had.

Advice 2: Why yellow eyes

Yellowing of the whites of the eyes can be caused by many reasons: as a relatively harmless and very dangerous to health that requires immediate treatment. Therefore, to find that his eyes turned yellow, should immediately consult a doctor.
Why yellow eyes

Diseases of the liver and yellowing of the whites. Is there a connection?

Why do whites of their eyes may become yellow? The fact that the yellow coloring of the tissues of the body attached to the pigment bilirubin. In a normally functioning healthy people, bilirubin is degraded in the liver. If the work of this body for some reason is broken, part of the bilirubin is not subject to decay and enter the bloodstream, spreading throughout the body. Thus, very often, the yellowing of the eyes indicates liver diseases. Among them: various forms of hepatitis (especially hepatitis a and hepatitis C), cirrhosis, different parasitic diseases of the liver, for example, opisthorchiasis and echinococcosis. In diseases of this organ, in addition to change the color of the whites of the eyes, you may notice yellowing of the skin, weakness, lack of appetite.

The liver plays a vital role in the functioning of the body, so any failure in its work has a detrimental effect on health and can even lead to death. The sooner you get diagnosed and treatment begun, the better the chances of a favorable outcome.

For what reasons can the yellowing whites of their eyes?

Yellowing of the eyes is not always associated with liver disease. For example, often the cause of this phenomenon is the so-called "Gilbert syndrome" - a hereditary benign pathology. European Nations have a number of people suffering from this disease varies from 2 to 5%, and the peoples of Africa, the figure is much higher – up to 36%. When Gilbert's syndrome is disrupted transport of bilirubin to the liver cells, where it is decay.

Also yellow eyes can be caused by natural aging in the elderly. Many men advancing years there are so-called "pinguecula" - yellow education, mainly in the part of the eye protein, which is closer to the nose. The aging of the conjunctiva – the thin membrane that covers the eye outside, also often accompanied by yellowing.

In some cases, the yellowing of the eye protein can be one of the signs of melanoma – skin cancer.

As you can see, the reasons for this phenomenon are many. Therefore, we can only advise: don't risk in vain, consult a specialist to determine why yellow eyes, and if necessary begin the treatment. After all, the correct diagnosis can only by a qualified physician.

Advice 3: Why is changing the eye colour of the baby

Newborns color eyes mostly milky blue. After a while the eyes start to change, and the child of blue-eyed turns into a brown-eyed, blue-eyed and so on.
Why is changing the eye colour of the baby
If the newborn has blue eyes, this does not mean that it will remain so. About three months the little one's eyes will change color, so parents should not worry if the child is not similar in this respect no one of the relatives. As its growth will change and the structure of the eye, and the color, and the ability to see.

Have a just born baby's eye structure similar to that of an adult. But full eyes can't function. Visual acuity of the child is reduced immediately after birth and a little later he can only see light and no more. But gradually with the development of visual acuity will increase. At age one the child sees about half as good as an adult.

Why are the eyes of newborn light blue

In the first months of life iris baby light blue or light gray. It happens so due to the fact that after the birth it is almost missing the pigment melanin. Changes in color of the iris depends on the presence of melanin and the density of the fibers.

Gradually, the eye color begins to change – with the development of the baby's body starts to produce and accumulate melanin. When a large number of eyes be brown or black, with small blue, green or gray.

The color of the eyes of children may change several times. This is because, the production of melanin changes as the child grows and develops. The final color of the iris is acquired when the child turns three or four years.

What determines the color of the eyes of a child

First of all the amount of melanin contained in the iris of the eye due to heredity. The reason – dominance characteristics at the genetic level. The complex of genes a child receives from their parents and more remote ancestors.

It is difficult to give an accurate prediction as to what color will the baby's eyes. If one parent has dark eyes, hazel, at the second light, the baby most likely will have brown eyes. The albino eye color can be reddish is a very rare pathology, in which the melanin in the iris is missing, and the color of the eyes determines the filling the vessels of the sheath of blood.

Some children are born with a phenomenon called heterochromia – one eye may be Karim, the other green.

Advice 4: Why sick kitten

If the kitten is sick, you first need to find out the cause of vomiting. It is possible that it is disposable in nature and nothing terrible happens, but there is always the risk that he was sick and he urgently needed professional help.
Why sick kitten
Most often a kitten can feel sick if he ate too much. This happens when a hungry baby put too much food. This vomit often has a one-time nature. But if the kitten is constantly throwing up after eating, then it needs to show the vet, because the reasons for this phenomenon may be disorders of the digestive system and other diseases, both genetic and acquired.
If the kitten is sick, it can be a symptom of the presence of the parasites. A symptom of this is the appearance of worms in vomit. It is very dangerous to health and life pet. Timely deworming will prevent worm infestation, so you need to go to the vet for appropriate treatment.
Kitten vomiting can be due to improper feeding. This can happen when feeding a cheap feed or food from the table. Over time, the baby is a violation of the digestive system, then vomiting will become permanent. In such a situation, it is transferred to the dietary feed and give probiotics, restoring the microflora.
Poisoning can also cause vomiting. The kitten is the same child, curious and playful, he will want to try the clove. Therefore, anything that can cause harm to the health of the crumbs, it is best to keep in an inaccessible place for him. In addition, many houseplants are toxic to Pets. If the pet was poisoned, an urgent need to give him the sorbent and to call the doctor.
Sometimes a kitten can eat cat litter, and it is very dangerous. In this case, he begins strong vomiting and diarrhea, resulting in dehydration. As aid baby give drugs by injection to full recovery.
Vomiting the kitten may be a sign of disease. For example, it can be a serious infectious disease. Therefore, if he does not vaccinate against the infection and there are severe vomiting with diarrhea and a high temperature – immediately call your vet.
Nausea the kitten can be from an excess of wool. Animals lick, wool clogs the stomach and intestines, eventually, nausea. To help during the moulting period they are given malt paste promotes natural conclusion of wool from the body and eliminates vomiting.
Vomiting and nausea the kitten can be caused by a large number of causes and be safe or calling fatal, your task in a timely manner to determine the cause of poor health of your pet and provide him with the necessary assistance.
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