To ensure the security of your account, maintaining the confidentiality of private correspondence and other information stored in your electronic mailbox, the administration of the e-mail asks you to create a secret password that restricts access to the service. To get to your email from any computer or device, you need to remember this password. Open the site which was your e-mail. On the main page is always the login window on the box. In order to access emails, you need to login. In the appropriate fields of the window, enter the email address your account and password you created during registration in the system. Please note that in the address field enter the part name, which was written before the sign "dog". Email service and domain are recorded on the website, they have written after the line with the email address. Line is located below the password field. Enter your personal code and press "OK" to the system began processing the information entered.
If you check e-mail in Internet cafes or in other public places where access to a computer have different users protect their personal data. In the field of authorization in the mail, activate the check box next to a construction site "another computer". This is to ensure that after finishing your work with the email system deleted your address and password on this computer, and other users are unable to log in to your mailbox.
If you have forgotten the password to your email, but you need to use it, click the "Forgot password?" which is in the login window. The system will offer you various ways of checking your data and access your mailbox: answer to a special passphrase or the phone number of the owner of the mail.