You will need
  • Computer, Internet connection
To begin, decide what type of service you are going to use, paid or free. Although the Internet has a paid email servers, the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are choosing to use free email. And it is clear. The level of service from the largest companies is at the highest level, and virtually identical to paid hosting. So why spend your hard earned money?
Among the free email servers in Russia are very popular the following sites:,,, Less popular, but worthy of attention, email service from
Once you have decided to opt for free email, you only have to determine which of these sites is right for you. There are several criteria by which to compare the above post giants: the mailbox size, functionality, usability and design.
For many the main factor is the size of the mailbox. Depends on the number of emails that you can store on the server free mail and the size of files that you can send to that mail address.
In this issue lead the two Russian postal service and These giants offer the registered users to get the boxes of 10 GB. and you can, if necessary, even to infinity to increase the size of the portions 2 GB. Not far from this figure and one of the most popular email services in the world - a little over 7 GB.
Next, define the set of functional responsibilities that can execute your email Inbox. Now in the standard pack, which includes services such as spam blocking, antivirus, black list, address book, etc.
But many postal services have specific characteristics. For example, using a mailbox from you can chat with friends in real time, how do you do it with ICQ. In addition, mail has a built in social network from this provider and is the link between users of the network.
Such companies as Yandex, and the same offer users to download a separate program - an email client that will allow you to use the services of your e-mail box and without a browser.

These companies allow you to install the same software on a mobile phone to check your email from anywhere where there is cellular network.
Another important step when choosing a mail is easy to use your mailbox. Many companies can provide modern services, but are not able beautifully to box it up. Especially in the Russian market hard for Western companies that are customized for American and European users. Therefore, the giant not very popular in our country.
When all indicators are equal, the determining factor may be the design and layout of the site. Here already to advise of nothing - the taste and color of comrades there. The main thing that this factor became fundamental.