In order to check your e-mail that has the address you need to visit the website of the relevant postal service, and then to produce even a few simple steps that will provide you with the opportunity to read new messages appeared since the last check box.

The entrance to the box

To log into your Inbox, you need to remember the credentials that you entered when registering on the mail service. This requires two things: the first one - login, i.e. user name located to the left of the service icon ("dog") in your e-mail address. The second password, i.e. a code consisting of letters, numbers and special characters, which is your "key" that provides access to the box. The introduction of this password, the system perceives as a means of identification of the user proving that he is the owner of the box. However, you can actually report a login and password to any other person you want to trust check your mailbox. When entering data on the home page postal service located at the system will offer to remember the password for next time you could sign in from that computer automatically without entering the required data. However, if you have used someone else's computer, e.g. in a hotel or at a party, you shouldn't: because in this way you will ensure that access to their mailbox to other people.

Check e-mail

Once on the main page of mail service you entered your credentials and clicked on Sign in, you will automatically be in the Inbox, where displaying of this letter. While on this page there is a special identification that allows you to quickly identify the emails that you already read from the unread. So, by default, incoming emails are sorted by date of admission: thus, the new letters appear at the top of the page. In addition, unread messages are in bold, which should attract the attention of the addressee. After reading they, like all the other emails in the Inbox will be marked in normal font. If you don't want to after reading any message stored in the Inbox, you can select the desired emails by ticking the special box next to the letter, and then press the "Delete" button located above the list of emails, or send it to spam by clicking the corresponding button.