Log on to main page of the Rambler or on the start page of "Rambler-Mail" — to do this, type in the address bar of your browser the URL In the field of login form keep your username and password. Select from the drop down list the domain on which you registered your mailbox:,, etc.
Just enter your username and password, select domain
Select the check box in the line "Remember me", if you enter mail from a computer, access to which nobody else has. After that you will be able to get into your Inbox on the "Rambler", bypassing the authorization procedure. If you want to check mail from someone else's or a public computer, this option is better off.
Select the check box ate need
Click on the "log in to your mail". If you have entered the correct username and password, you will be taken to your Inbox. If the system reports an error of authorization, try again. Check the domain name, keyboard layout and key is not the Caps Lock key.
Log in to your Inbox
Restore access to their mailbox if you forget your password. On the login page of the "Rambler-Mail" click on the appropriate link.
To set a new password, click on the link
Enter in the form fields mailbox address to which you restore the access, and the verification code CAPTCHA. On the next page, write the answer to the security question that you specified during the registration process. If you answered the question correctly, the system will prompt you to set a new password to log in. Enter the new password, and then log in with it on the home page "Rambler-Mail".
Enter the address box and enter the verification code from the picture
Install to your browser bar "Rambler-Assistant". To do this, download the correct version of the program from the page At the time of writing – December 2011 – there are versions of assistant for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Restart your browser after the installation process.
Click on the "Rambler-Assistant" on the "Login" button to login. Enter in the pop-up window for your username and password from the box "Rambler-Mail". Don't forget to select the correct domain. Click on the OK button.
Click on button, “Entrance” and fill out the following form
Click on the "Rambler-Assistant" on the button with a picture of an envelope – you will automatically be taken to your Inbox in the Inbox. If you click on the triangle next to the envelope, you can go to the page to send emails or to your address book.
Click on the envelope or on the triangle next to it