To enter mail to Yandex, start a browser and navigate to the page located at: mouse or press "Enter". If you have previously said marker box "Remember me", both fields are already filled in, you just press the button "Login".
Log in to your mail to Yandex it is possible using the home page search engine Panel with input fields username and password is in the left part of the window. Enter the username and password, click "Login". If you agreed to have the browser remember the password, just confirm the login by clicking "Login".
In Mozilla Firefox, if you are already logged in Inbox, but then opened in the same tab another resource, you can quickly return to your Inbox. In the upper right corner of the window click with the left mouse button on the name in your Inbox, to quickly navigate to it from the page where you are now.
Sign in mailbox on other email services is similar to that described in the first step. To log in to Inbox in Mail, go to the page located at: http://www.mail.ruat the top of the window on the left enter your username and password. Press the "Enter" button with the left mouse button.
To log in to your mail on Yahoo, in the field "Login" ("Yahoo! ID"), you must specify the mailbox name in full (loginwelcome). In the second field ("Password", enter your password, click left mouse button "Sign In". If you put the marker in the "Keep me signed in", your password to log into the mailbox will be saved. The next time you access the mail service, you will need only to press the "Sign In" button. The resource located at the address: