Usually full mailbox name displays the domain of the service for which you have registered. Register e-mail address on the very convenient search engine to come in the mail you could in one click (transition from the main service page to a personal account on the resource).
If your e-mail you got on to enter, go to the main page of the site. On the left a window will appear to enter a personal login and password. Right from login you will need to select your appropriate e-mail domain:, etc. In the lower right corner of the blue square, find the link "Log in". Click it and you will be available the contents of his mailbox.
The path to the application service Andekhi start with the main page. Going on it in the left side of the screen you will notice a small bluish box that says "Mail". Clicking on it will appear that two lines (login and password). Enter your data without errors, then click "Login" and can dispose of the contents of your mailbox as you wish.
Your Inbox was on the Rambler? Go to the home page of the online resource in the left-hand side of the page in the box "e-Mail" please fill out the box to enter their personal data (username and password). Make click of a computer mouse on the "Enter" button and the contents of your mailbox will be available to you.
If your Inbox was the Gmail, log into your email go to the main page of the service. In the top right you will see a grayish box. Here (in the two white columns) enter the username and password and click "Login" located just below. That's all you need to do to log on your email address.